We have secret menu items too!

“Chotaro” or “Haztaro” – Taro is delicious. It gets even better when mixed with any of our non-fruit flavors.

“Oreo Blizzard” – Vanilla Blizz + Oreo ..cookies and creme anyone?

“Red Bean Blizzard” – if you like our red bean add-on, you’re going to love this!

“Asian Gasoline” – ultra caffeinated flavored tea (4x the amount of our normal flavored tea).. it may burn a little 😉

“Very Berry Slush” – a mix of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry!

“Honey Green Tea w/ Chia Seeds” – a favorite among our staff. See below for more details.

Go beyond our menu with these additional options!

“unsweet” or “extra sweet” or “extra extra sweet”

“Soy” or “almond” or “regular 2%” milk options

“more tea” or “less tea”; ie. “more milk” or “less milk”

Other add-ons:

“Chia Seeds” – Chia seeds are a good source of fiber, protein, and omega-3. When ordered, it takes about 15min for the chia seeds to reach its full size.

“Oreo Pieces” – available to blend for blizzards