Help us with our mission of serving the best boba tea to the South Davis community! 😀

If you would like to join us, please fill out an application: Teabo Application
Rename file to your full name and email to; no paper applications accepted.
(NOTE: Download file to your desktop and open it from there; data will not be saved if you open it from your browser. If all else fails, send a screenshot or scanned copy.)

Applicant must be friendly with an outgoing personality who enjoys working in a fun and fast paced environment! Ideal qualities include having a positive and hard working attitude, being punctual/reliable/responsible, and having pride in their work. Above all else, be able to provide excellent customer service!

You must also be able to work a minimum of 15 hours/week. 20+ hours preferred.

Two positions: Baristas and Cooks.

  • Baristas make drinks, prep, and clean. Interchangeable roles within the Barista position are Cashier, Barista, and Helper(runner). Baristas are the face of Teabo and represents what we stand for.
  • Cooks make food, prep, and clean. Cooks are the pride of Teabo and makes our quality teas and boba, including our small menu of food. No prior cooking experience needed.

How often can I apply?
You are free to submit another application every quarter or whenever your availability opens up significantly.

When do I hear back?
Depending if we are in urgent need of new staff, it can take anywhere from a few hours to months. Don’t worry, your application has been received and is on file. You will be contacted for an interview when a spot opens up.