Mission Statement

Teabo Café was established to provide a choice for better boba tea in the City of Davis. At Teabo Café, you will find a wider range of customization to create your perfect drink. We are passionate in serving you with quality and health in mind.

Our Drinks

We use high quality tea leaves imported from Taiwan for our teas and use real milk products from local suppliers for our milk teas. Ice and water goes through a filtration system ensuring high quality taste and cleanliness. Cooked with honey and brown sugar, our boba is healthy and delicious. We believe that natural and fresh drinks are not made of artificial milks and powders. You will taste the difference. Please ask us about our non-dairy options.

Our Food

Our fresh chicken and potatoes are supplied locally. We cut and fry the potatoes right as you order. Our spices and sauces are homemade. No MSG. No shortcuts.

Customer Service

Let us serve you! At our shop, you will find an environment created for relaxing and where boba tea can be enjoyed amongst friends. Our staff is approachable and friendly. If a drink or food item is not made up to expectation, we will gladly remake the item at no cost. Guarantee.

Help us help you! A comment card box is available next to the condiment stand.
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Random Stuff:

Our panda mascot is Tim. Tim Teabo. Tim doesn’t like to wear clothes so he hides behind things like boba and leafs.

PANDAS everywhere. Can you find them all?!

A hidden panda appears when the sun comes down and the door opens; light reflects off the door and signs on the drawing on the window, creating a shadow of our panda mascot.

Since we have to throw out remaining boba at the end of the day, boba (the add-on) is free after 1:30am (while supplies last).